SALING ASAH - Balinese Gamelan in Belgium

door SALING ASAH vzw/aslb en de Indonesische Gemeenschap

Saling Asahis a Belgian - Balinese - Indonesian music group, founded in June 1998, with the aim of training those who are interested into motivated musicians and dancers, and thus forming a professional ensemble of Balinese performing arts.
To realise this, Saling Asah organises weekly rehearsals on various different Balinese ensembles or orchestras. The primary orchestra is GAMELAN GONG KEBYAR, although other important ensembles are used each with their own varied array of individual rhythmic and melodic irregularities which help to make them unique. This includes GENDER WAYANG (2 or 4 metallophones played with both left and right hand) and RINDIK (2 bamboo instruments). We rehearse and perform on these and other Balinese instruments.

Under the musical leadership of the Balinese musician I Made Agus Wardana the members are being taught the Balinese musical arts.
Interested in participating in our lessons/rehearsals?
We regularly welcome new people who find something unique and wonderful for themselves in the way music and dance is expressed by the Balinese.
Maybe you'd like to come to hear the music or see the dance?
Or perhaps to learn the music yourself?
Everyone is welcome.
Would you like more information concerning our REHEARSALS or PERFORMANCES?
For specific addresses go to our CONTACTINFO page or send a message to:

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Photo of concert in the Royal Palace (Brussels)

For any information or reservations, please feel welcome to get into contact with us. We can provide you with all the necessary practical information and conditions required by our performances. It is always possible, of course, to make an appointment to witness and/or participate in one of our rehearsals so that you can get an idea of how our repertoire works.

By extending our large repertoire of traditional and modern Balinese works as well as new works composed by Belgian artists, SALING ASAH is able to present an extremely well-filled programme. By means of concerts, demonstrations and workshops we can thus make the Balinese music and dance more known for the common Belgian (European) public, and also set up a cooperation between Belgian and Balinese artists. As a matter of fact our name Saling Asah refers to this musical union between artists.

- 22 February 2019